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Molly the Goat & CL

Molly the goat sadly has CL, a contagious infection, and is being re-homed. If you have goats, you should know about CL and how to identify it.

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Preparing for a New Goat

Something very exciting is happening at Rodrigues Farm – we’re getting a new goat! This time it’s a buck, who will (fingers crossed) breed our lovely does so they can make baby goats (for sale) and milk (for our own use)! His name from his breeder is Chance, but we will be calling him Kingsley

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goats in snow

What do Farmers do in Winter?

A few people have asked me what farmers do in winter, when crops are under a cover of snow and nothing grows. While the answer varies depending on the operation, the answer is always “a lot.” Animal Care Any farm with animals will still have to care for those animals in winter, and often this

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A Tale of Livestock Misadventures

One of the “lessons learned” from 2018 was that animals are unpredictable. Well, that has never been more clear than this weekend. With Y out of the country for work, the farm chores have fallen to me, which hasn’t been easy in this polar vortex -37C with windchill weather. I was looking forward to this

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chickens in snow

Winter Wonderland = Winter Woes

It’s January 31, 2019, which may be known in history as the tail end of the “Polar Vortex” that has wreaked havoc on North American weather, causing record low temperatures across the Midwest United States and Canada. Here in Southern Ontario, we are experiencing lows of -25 degrees Celsius (-13 F), with windchill making it

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Happy New Year!

If this is your first visit to our site, welcome! You should know that, while we certainly have loftier goals for updating the site in 2019, your best bet for up to date information (and cute animal videos and photos) are to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel. So, speaking of

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What We Did and Didn’t Accomplish This Summer

If you follow any blog, no matter how often they update, you’ll eventually get a “we’re sorry we don’t blog enough” post. Perhaps followed by a list of excuses. Ours has just come earlier than most. I’m sorry we don’t blog enough. Or, frankly, at all. Aside from farm life being a bit more overwhelming

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The Inaugural Blog Post!

Hello! My name is Sarah Rodrigues, and I’m a co-owner of the Rodrigues Farm. I’ll be the main blog writer around here, updating you regularly on how our farm is progressing and what we’ve been working on. But first, let me introduce us. My husband Yvan (who will henceforth be referred to as Y) and

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