Tomato, Tom-ah-to

Our first summer on the farm, we weren’t able to plant everything we wanted. We did manage a few things though, including zucchini, cabbage, and more tomatoes than we knew what to do with! Months later, we were still eating the canned soups and spaghetti sauce we made.


“Busy Bees” is a Cliché for a Reason!

Within a few days of arriving on Rodrigues Farm, our bees had built an impressive amount of honeycomb, and by the end of the season the hive was full of honey. We are adding more bees in 2019 and hoping to have honey for sale in August/September.


Ducks at the Door

Since the ducks get to free range just like the chickens, we’d occasionally find them where they didn’t belong, like on the porch! We always found it disconcerting to see them looking at us through the window; it felt like they were plotting something!


How Many Goats Fit in a Hatchback?

Our Nigerian Dwarf goats, kept for breeding and personal milk use, are very social animals that love attention and cuddles more than anything. We have given them all names inspired by Harry Potter – Luna Lovegoat, Ginny, Neville, Sirius Black, and Kingsley Shacklegoat.