The Inaugural Blog Post!

2 May 2018 Sarah Rodrigues

Hello! My name is Sarah Rodrigues, and I’m a co-owner of the Rodrigues Farm. I’ll be the main blog writer around here, updating you regularly on how our farm is progressing and what we’ve been working on.

But first, let me introduce us. My husband Yvan (who will henceforth be referred to as Y) and I moved to the country in September 2017. I’ve lived my whole life in the suburbs; Y was more rural growing up but has been city and suburbs ever since. Y had dreams of farm property, with enough acreage that he could pursue projects, raise animals, and grow things to his heart’s content. I wanted peace and quiet and a much bigger kitchen. We weren’t really even looking for a place, but I saw this property and thought “It couldn’t hurt to go to the open house.” A few days later, our offer was accepted and we began the process of moving.

Y asked me over and over if I was sure I could live in the country. I was sure. The first time we visited the house at night and I looked up to see, not horrible light pollution, but actual stars, I was sure.

The house was a pristine 1800s farmhouse, with stunning woodwork and every upgrade. It was move-in ready with only a few minor tweaks to make (low priority; we’ll deal with them next winter!) and exactly what I wanted. Though not particularly large at around 1500 sq ft, it is ideal for us, and had my absolute musts: a big bathtub, huge kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms, and lots of light.

dream kitchen

The property also managed to fulfill my husbands qualifications: no more than 30 minutes to work, at least 2 acres (it’s almost 5!), a large workshop, and room for animals. This property came with a dilapidated but structurally decent bar, another 1500 sq ft of workshop and garage, and even a dog run (now a chicken coop).

The price was right, the location was great, and it checked all the boxes, so without even looking at other places, we bought it. Maybe it was a bit impulsive, but #noregrets. If you’re considering moving from the city to the country, I’ll be posting about some things you’ll want to consider.

Fall and winter, not much happened. We dealt with moving in and unpacking, taking in a third cat, had our families over to see the new place, then pretty much hibernated over winter. With our full time jobs, we didn’t have a lot of time and energy to do much else, especially once the sun started setting at 5:30! Oh, except Y bought a tractor and backhoe without telling me … surprise!

With spring approaching, we kicked into high gear, ordering supplies and deciding what to put where. I took a beekeeping course, built my hive and ordered bees. Y plotted fencing and garden plots and got the equipment up and running.

We bought some ducklings and chicks on Good Friday. That’s sort of when it all became real for me – we now had animals to keep alive.

ducklings on day 1

Now that we’ve had a few proper spring days, and a few weekends of prep work, our farm is really shaping up. We’re getting ready for our two goats – Luna Lovegoat and Sirius Black – to arrive next weekend. We’re making sure our chickens and ducks are protected. We’re planting seeds and fruit trees. It’s exhausting – we both still work full time jobs – but in the best possible way. Being tired at the end of the day because you worked hard and accomplished something is the best feeling.

In addition to the actual farm work, I’ll be building us a web presence so you can all follow along, and hopefully inspire a few of you to try homesteading for yourselves. Check this blog for updates, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, or send me an email!

That’s all for now! Thanks for joining us on our journey … it’s going to be interesting.


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