Preparing for a New Goat

7 Mar 2019 Sarah Rodrigues

Something very exciting is happening at Rodrigues Farm – we’re getting a new goat! This time it’s a buck, who will (fingers crossed) breed our lovely does so they can make baby goats (for sale) and milk (for our own use)!

His name from his breeder is Chance, but we will be calling him Kingsley Shacklegoat in line with our Harry Potter theme. He will be bred to Ginny and Luna Lovegoat over the next month, which should give us adorable baby goats in August and September.

He is a registered Nigerian Dwarf, who is naturally polled (hornless) and blue-eyed, both of which are rare and desirable traits. Naturally we can’t guarantee the babies will be polled and blue-eyed, but it gives us a better shot. He comes from an excellent line of registered goats known for good milking. We are very excited.

Since bucks can’t be housed with does all the time, and we want to control the breeding to make sure we know when babies are due, we had to set up a special pen just for Peter. We looked at lots of fencing options and building something ourselves, but were pressed for time. Luckily, when we went to check out options at TSC, a 10’x10’x6′ kennel was on sale

Yvan’s made a lovely video of the pen assembly. We’ll be uploading lots of video of the goats as the weather gets better, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the updates!

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