Happy New Year!

If this is your first visit to our site, welcome! You should know that, while we certainly have loftier goals for updating the site in 2019, your best bet for up to date information (and cute animal videos and photos) are to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

So, speaking of goals for 2019, you may have seen our recent social post of our goals/to-do list whiteboard. We felt, given the tumultuous year we had in 2018, that it was important to catalogue not just our plans for this year, but also to show all the things we managed to accomplish in our first year homesteading. If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend doing this! Listing out all the things we did, even in broad terms, got us SO MOTIVATED to write out our new goals.

The January to-do list is unlikely to actually be completed in January; we’ve done some of the things but added more since. When we hit February 1, I’ll change the month in the heading, and add a few more things. But having our accomplishments and over-arching goals right there helps us keep the to-do list in perspective. While we are crossing items off the to-do list, we won’t do that for the Goals. Goals get check marks, and will stay up until next New Year’s when we start all over again.

It’s been hard, moving from the city to the country and learning a whole new way of living. Even without Y’s injury, we found it overwhelming and challenging. Family and friends asked “Isn’t that a lot of work?” “Aren’t you exhausted?” “How will you manage?” Yes, it’s been a lot of work, but the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a day’s work, the feeling of calm as we look up at the stars, and the taste of food we grew ourselves, has made it all worth while.

If you’re considering making the switch from city to country, YouTube and the web have lots of amazing resources for you to check out. As I blog throughout the year, on each post I’ll mention a few resources about specific topics.

So that you have a sense of my agenda, and so I have something to stick to, the next few posts in January and February will be about garden planning, seed ordering, and starting seeds indoors. March and April will be all about big spring projects, including our barn. May will be all about preparing and planting the garden, along with livestock and poultry purchases. With any luck, we’ll have some goat news to share by June, and we can start talking about breeding and selling livestock, milking, and animal health. Over the next six months, you’ll also see updates on the bees, chickens, ducks, goats, and yes, possibly even the cats. We’ll be working hard on our list, and will keep you updated.

Best of luck with all your own goals for this year. Thanks for reading, and happy 2019!